HITT Tracking

All dogs can track.  It’s in their DNA.  They just don’t know how to do it exactly the way we want when we want them to. That’s where Hydration Intensified Tracking Training (HITT) comes in. Developed to help urban police K9 handlers meet the demands of their ever more challenging tracking environments, HITT has been successfully applied in AKC, Schutzhund, SAR, and recreational tracking.

Contact us for more information about HITT Tracking workshops or instructional DVD sets.

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  1. Cheri Yates says:

    Hi Steve and Jen
    I have a 7 month old pyrenees/st bernard/pointer mix puppy. I would like to get him into search and rescue and was wondering if tracking would be a good skill to get us started with. I would appreciate any advice and class times, if possible. Thank you so much, Cheri

    • Steve White says:

      Hi Cheri,

      Depending upon the organization’s emphasis (wilderness vs. urban) tracking or trailing will be used to varying extents, although most SAR dogs search primarily via air-scenting. That said, tracking or trailing are very useful skills to build even for dogs that will search via air-scenting. In late July we will start a series of semi-private lessons in the Woodinville area for a few folks interested in urban tracking (AKC VST, Law Enforcement, or Urban SAR). We’d love to have you join us!

      • Michelle Sparks says:

        Hey. I didn’t know you wre starting a series of semi-private lesson in the Woodinville area??? I want in please. Thanks. Michelle & Dozer

        • Steve White says:

          Hi Michelle,

          Yes, semi-private HITT lessons are available, meeting in the Canyon Park area of Bothell on Sunday mornings. I’ll email you privately with details.


  2. Jean Patterson says:

    Are all your training programs in the Woodinville area?

    • Steve White says:

      Hi Jean,

      I’m currently only seeing private clients however we have a number of top flight affiliate agility instructors teaching at our Woodinville facility, Rivendale Learning Center.

      In what sort of classes are you interested?

  3. David Bell says:

    Where can I order/buy your DVD set please? I am in England

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