The Training Triad, Part 2: Raising the Bar.

This the second in a what is now a four-part series on how to raise your training to the power of three with the Training Triad. Check back soon for Part 3: The Turn, turn, turn. Part 1: Wading In can be found in June 11th’s post.

The Training Triad. Part 2: Raising the Bar.

Lindsay and I followed Jeff downstairs. As he went to get Sally, Lindsay interjected, “I know I described what I said as a pre-brief, but let’s wait until after we really get on the same page before we bring her into the picture.” I smiled as I thought to myself, “Yeah, she gets it.”

Lindsay began, “I want to make sure I get this Coach thing right. Jeff, what is your goal for this exercise?” Continue reading

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The Training Triad. Part 1: Wading In.

This the first in a three-part series on how to raise your training to the power of three with the Training Triad. Check back soon for Part 2: Raising the Bar, and Part 3: The Model.

Recognizing the number, I gladly answered the phone, “Hey, Lindsay! What’s shakin’?”. I always enjoyed working with Lindsay Schmidt, an officer for a neighboring agency. She was one of my favorite up-and-coming K9 officers. She was a hard-charging bad-guy hunter who had a knack for getting a lot out of her dogs. It would be fair to say that she was not a natural. Her dog skills were hard-earned as her tough-as-nails first patrol dog was nearing the end of his career. They had been at war with each other early on, but he had been a great teacher for her and now they were firing on all cylinders.

“Hey, Sarge. I’m trying to help out one of our bomb guys. He’s got a new dog that will be great some day but is too spun up right now to do herself any good. Continue reading

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My Friend Sophia

The text message was like a punch in the gut . . . “Sophia Yin passed away. Tragic!”

How could this be? It was so sudden, so unexpected. Then came the news. It was suicide. More confusion. More pained thoughts. I decided I just needed to remember her as I knew her.

SophiaYinJumpingYou see, Dr. Sophia Yin, DVM was unstodgy and atypical in so many ways. I remember our first meeting at an Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT) conference at which we were both presenting. Continue reading

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Reconciliation at Both Ends of the Leash

One hundred thirty pounds of lunging, barking Cane Corso is something to behold, but man, oh,man is it ever something else to hold. Jeff struggled mightily to stand fast but with each barking lunge the dog pulled him close and closer to the woman walking by on the other side of the road. Mustering all his strength Jeff strained against the leash, and called “Brutus! C’mon, boy!” The powerful dog just kept lunging, foam flying from his mouth as he snarled at the harmless passerby. Continue reading

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An obstinate K9?

Taking refuge from the California sun in the shade of an oak tree, a dozen cops attended the International K9 Conference’s “Problem-solving” session hoping to fix their dogs’ “Outs”. One handler chimed up and said that nothing sells K9s to police administrators like the ability to have a dog “Out” upon command. He then held his tug toy like a microphone and adopted the persona of a K9 demonstration narrator saying, “Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the K9 is the only tool in the police arsenal that once deployed upon an evil-doer can be recalled before delivering force.” In unison the assembled K9 handlers chuckled uncomfortably and said, “Yeah, right!” Continue reading

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