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ProActive K9 offers a number of workshops and seminars designed to help you get the most out of your training whatever your skill level and specialty. Presentations include:

Raising the BaR: The keys to maximum reliability and precise performance. This presentation now includes the material from “No Problem!” and “The Training Triad”. Appropriate for all levels and specialties.

HITT Tracking: Urban and VST tracking using the HITT system. Focusing on the hard surface and harsh conditions tracking needed for VST, law enforcement, SAR, ScH, and FH.

No Problem!: This workshop will give you a simple five-step model for solving any behavior or performance problem or building any skill.

Scentsational!: Scent games with which you can better bond with your dog or prepare for serious scent work. Appropriate for general dog-owning and professional dog-handling audiences.

Thousand-Hour Eyes (Scentwork): A systematic approach to reading scenting dog behavior. Originally intended for police K9 handlers, but ideal for shelter staff, animal control, and behavior consultants.

Thousand-Hour Eyes (Behavior & Aggression): A systematic approach to reading dogs’ social behavior, and teaching others to do so. Geared for shelter and training professionals as well as volunteers and dedicated amateurs.



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