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“What happened to i2iK9 you might ask? Well, for a variety of reasons we’ve changed our name. First and foremost we believe that ProActive K9 more accurately reflects what we’re all about–preventing problems by being proactive rather than forcing ourselves to be reactive when problems crop up. In addition our new name reflects our renewed focus on working dogs. Positive reinforcement- and operant conditioning-based methods now lead in the civilian market, so it’s time to put my effort where my heart is–helping K9 teams maximize their potential.

I’ll still work with civilians, and love doing it. Our new seminars and workshops will have both civilian and K9 versions, so all the good things you’ve come to expect from i2iK9 will still be available . . . and then some.

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  1. Hello, I’m a member of IAABC.org and write pet care books for pet owners–but also write a fiction series featuring a tracking dog, and am a member of the International Thriller Writers. I’m helping to put together a panel for the annual New York http://thrillerfest.com/ on dog-handler partnerships (tracking, SAR, cadaver, tactical & K-9 dogs, etc.) since many authors now include these in their fiction. The goal is to offer accurate information for writers to better portray the training/partnership of human-canine teams. Further, I want the panel to include expert info on the importance of building a positive relationship using techniques that encourage dogs to WANT to learn. Those who attend not only are authors, but also many readers who likely have pet dogs and be educated by this panel. May I send you further information? It’s likely this panel would take place on Saturday July 9th.


    Amy Shojai

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