Working Dogs

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  1. Shannon Ryan says:

    I am interested in obtaining more information on your training program. I recently purchased a black lab (8wks old) an I would like to train her as a work dog. I would like my 7yr old son to be a part of the experience so he can learn life skills as well! Your response is greatly appreciated!

  2. Hi I am interested on a training program, in about a month and a half my Malinois from God Of War is having a litter I want to keep a female but I want to make sure she has the correct trainer I want obedience (if possible in German language) if possible, and tracking or scent work introduced. I may want to use her later for possible search & rescue, what are your daily weekly or monthly rates? Do u house them? I live up here in Anchorage Ak, I work on Air Force base for the commissary, but my spare time I dedicate it to my 3 Malinois, please email me with some info Thanks

    • Steve White says:

      Hi Vanessa,

      We at ProActive K9 do not do board-and-train. Instead we focus on teaching you what you need to know, and how you need to change your behavior, to train your dog. We do support clients in many working endeavors, including scent work and tracking. I’ll send you an email to discuss the possibilities.


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